RUSS 3391 Midterm Paper

RUSS 3391 Midterm Paper - Jonathan Rose RUSS-3391-002...

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Jonathan Rose RUSS-3391-002 8/01/07 Dr. Harrison Midterm Paper Essay: Keeping in Mind that directors guide our expectations with respect to space and time through the control of mise-en-scene, critique the mise-en-scene (see Film Art Chapter 4) in any of the pre-Revolution, early Russian films we viewed in full or in part in class. Make references to Russian popular culture and entertainment before the Revolution (Stites, Tsivian, kepley) to note what elements of the mise-en-scene you think would or would not have contributed to the film’s success with its contemporary audience. You may, but are not required to comment on additional scenes not viewed in class. (The films are in the 10-volume series Early Russian Cinema available at the Language Center. Films: Stenka Razin , The Dragonfly and the Ant, Queen of Spades, A Life For A Life and The Revolutionary . Essay: Thesis followed by Supporting Points In the pre-Revolution, early Russian films directors used mise-en-scene to create a melodramatic world that tried to encapsulate the heart and feelings of Russian culture while staying in tune Russian popular culture and entertainment. “Many of our most sharply etched memories of the cinema turn out to center on mise-en-scene ( Film Art 112).” It is a technique that is not hard to spot for the film novice, but is also the part of a film scrutinized and closely analyzed by the auteur and the filmmakers involved in bringing a particular piece of cinema to life ( Film Art 112). Mise-en-scene are the things “put in” the scene and the pieces the director has control over adding or taking out of a film. Everything that is in the frame shot is mise-en-scene
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and the events that are staged in front of the camera mise-recipe that the director is responsible for in his/her creation ( Film Art 112). In the film
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RUSS 3391 Midterm Paper - Jonathan Rose RUSS-3391-002...

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