Greekfinal - Trojan Cycle Consisted of 8 epic poems Cypria...

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Trojan Cycle- Consisted of 8 epic poems: Cypria- 11 books; Stasinus: The events leading up to the Trojan War and the first 9 years of the conflict, especially the judgment of Paris Illiad- 24 books; Homer; Achilleus rage against first king Agamemnon and then the Trojan Prince hector, ending with Achilleus killing Hector in revenge for the death of Patroclus Aethiopis; 5 books; Arctinus; The arrival of the Trojan allies, Penthesileia the Amazon and Memmon, their deaths at Achilleus hands in revenge for the death of Antilochus, Achilleus Dies. Little Iliad- 4 books; Lesches; The events after Achilles’ death, including the building of the Trojan Horse Iliou Persis (sack of troy)- 2 books; Arctinus; the destruction of Troy by the Greeks Nostoi (returns)- 5 books; Agias of Emelus; the return home of the Greek force and the events contingent upon their arrival, concluding with the returns of Agamemnon and Menelaus Odyssey- 24 books; Homer; The end of Odysseus’ voyage home and his vengeance on his wife Penelope’s suitors, who have devoured his property in his absence Telegony- 2books; Eugammon; Odysseus’ voyage to Thesprotia and return to Ithaca, and death at the hands of an illegitimate son Telegonus Thebean Cycle- a collection of four lost epics of ancient Greek literature which related the mythical history of the city of Thebes. They were composed between 750 and 500 BC. Oidipodeia- Kinaithon; told the story of Oidipous’s solution the Sphinx’s riddle, and presumably of his incestuous marriage to his mother Epikaste Thebaid- Unknown possibly Homer; the story of the war between Oidipous’ two sons Eteokles and Polyneikes, and of Polyneikes’ uncessful expedition against the city of Thebes with six other commanders in which both Eteokles and Polyneikes were killed Epigonoi- Antimachos of Teos/ Homer; a continuation of the Thebaid, which told the story of the next generation of heroes who attacked thebes, this time successfully Alkmeonis- Unknown; the story of alkmaons’ murder of his mother Eriphyle for having arranged the death of his father Amphiaros ( told in Thebaid) Homer- Legendary Greek poet and singer traditionally credited with the composition of the Iliad and Odyssey. Homerist Hypothesis ( Trojan scenes in art)- Homer’s poems in their final form predate the Vases, Homers stories were painted onto these vases. Revisionist myth of Helen (the Phantom)- Stesichorus’ palinode- A song written about her by Stesichorus explaining the story of Helen and troy and how the war is all her fault in a song makes him immediately blind and he revises the story to explain that Helen has never gone to troy and it is not her fault
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Embedded Myths in the Iliad- Characters references to non-Trojan myths used to recommend behavior to a second party; to ground personal authority or personal identity of the speaker; to allow the poet an indirect comment/foreshadowing of the main narrative
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Greekfinal - Trojan Cycle Consisted of 8 epic poems Cypria...

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