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Jonathan Rose English 3362-001 Martha Warren Final Exam Essays on texts Broken Trail While the novel is, in many ways, a traditional Western, it is also a story of love, as Print Ritter discovers feelings he thought were long buried. Discuss the different levels of love discovered by Print and how this love shows his growth. Print Ritter is a wonderful Larry McMurtry-esque character in the novel Broken Trail ; he is a cowboy with a heart that grows throughout the novel despite his body which is growing old and weary. As he goes into his twilight years he gets to experience what it is to love someone and have someone love him back before he dies. He gets this opportunity late in life an opportunity that many other characters would have let pass them by. He dies a happy man in the novel because he dies not holding on to all those regrets he used to have bottled up from his wife and child running off on him when he was younger. When his wife ran away he tells us he turned to the bottle and searched the country for his lost family. He felt abandoned and life lost its meaning for him. He got a second chance when he signed up for a cattle drive that would turn into more. He helped five Chinese girls along the way and found redemption in the love that was shared between them despite not speaking the same language. He also helped an old farm hand Billy Via who no one else would take on because of his smell. And he lost Billy, but he helped him before he died. He also helped an old Chinese laundry/bath man named Lung Hay. Lung Hay was an old Chinese man who lost his wife the opposite way Print did because he left her in China to seek fortune in America. The two old men lived together
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in the last years. Print Ritter found love in a worn out woman, who still had a beautiful heart, named Nola Johns. Despite their love for each other Print let her go because he could without regret because of the love the shared on the trail through trial and tribulations. Print went from being a lovelorn lost old man to a savior to others that in turn saved his soul before he passed on. He lent help to a young cowboy named Heck Gilpin who ended up earning more than his keep. One of the Chinese girls he rescued went on to help others as well-for Ghing Wa went on to be a doctor graduating from Stanford. Mai Ling another woman Print saved went to help “rescue [other] young Chinese girls from
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English 3362 Final Essays - Jonathan Rose English 3362-001...

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