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Russian - Chekhov Paper

Russian - Chekhov Paper - Masha is not referred to in the...

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Jonathan “Evan” Rose Russian Literature 2/05/07 Dr. Baeva Anton Chekhov’s “The Teacher of Literature” Part I As Found On: http://www.online-literature.com/anton_chekhov/1274/ Masha Shelestov is an eighteen year old girl, who is not seen by the community as a grown woman instead those around here refer to her as if she was a little girl. They give her nicknames calling her Manya, Manyusa and after the circus came to town the “every one began to call her Marie Godefroi” (Chekhov). Nikitin rides a horse alongside Masha and her sister in to town. And then the next day he accompanies her again. He likes her, but he is afraid to say so, "I promise on my honour, I swear to God, I won't be afraid and I'll speak to her today” (Chekhov).
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Unformatted text preview: Masha is not referred to in the text as beautiful, but it is implied that she is by the diction used by Chekhov. He calls her graceful, delicate, and implies that she looks young. Nikitin looks at her with longing. And he “l ooked at her with joy, with tenderness, with rapture; listened to her, taking in little of what she said” (Chekhov). He has a crush on her and he is shy. Nikitin is the “teacher of literature.” Nikitin argues with Varya, over drinks, that the great Russian poet Pushkin is a psychologist. Varya disagrees sharply. Soon after, Varya shouts: “ ‘That’s Loutishness!’ ”(Chekhov). And Nikitin drops the subject entirely. Finally, Nikitin kisses Masha even when he still cannot say that he loves her....
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