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Engl 2350 Final Paper

Engl 2350 Final Paper - Jonathan Rose English 2350 Dr...

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Jonathan Rose English 2350 Dr. Kulesz April 23, 2007 Critical Analysis of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone : “The Harry Potter books are economically the most successful of all literary books published in recent years… Harry Potter books have engendered an economic phenomenon in publishing and related industries that is by all standards extraordinary; it is seldom that anything in the broad field of literature becomes so inextricably linked in such a short time to the discourse of market and finance” (Gupta 15). “The success of the Harry Potter books proves that they are genuine articles, books that are really for children, that children actually enjoy” (Gupta 8). JK Rowling is charting new territories where her predecessors left off. She is following in the same vein as writers like L. Frank Baum who brought us the wonderful Wizard of Oz and the prolific children’s author Enid Blyton who brought us troves of fantastical greats including The Magic Faraway Tree . Instead of a book that parents love and try to schlep off on their kids with the notion that their love for something will rub off on them and not worry about their personal opinion. Instead children are doing the choosing with books like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone . Children having been choosing the literature of the world for years, if they like it, bank on it the parents will come along and pay every penny to get their children the books they love to read. They’re simply enthralled that their kid wants to read, and the serious, socially challenging books like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer , Horseman, Pass By and The Old Man and The Sea , will simply have to be discovered in due time by those same kids who fell in love with Rowling’s Harry Potter . Give the children what they want and they will get to the “tough” stuff by the time it is needed.
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There is a love affair between Jo Rowling and the quirky words she makes up to fill her magical story. Her fascination with language has given us a new view point into the dissection and renewal of old Latin root words infused with a diction that is one of a kind and all her own. “Rowling’s unique language is the key to a wonderful world of wizardry.” We get to explore the “meanings and origins of the language” used in Harry Potter because of her creativity and breathing new life into old Latin words by making them her own. Rowling creatively takes ownership of neologisms, such as; the word muggle in her fiction refers to characters that cannot perform magic. Rowling has coined these words into popular American slang. “This word is the most likely candidate from the series to become a permanent part of the English language, and is currently in
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Engl 2350 Final Paper - Jonathan Rose English 2350 Dr...

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