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October 11, 2007 Religion - Dowd Gospel - euangelion eu – good angelion – message Synoptic gospels syn – together optic – look Mark – was the first person to write down the life of Jesus in some kind of chronological order Names of the gospels were added later – so no one knows who really wrote them “the empty tomb” – Jesus wasn’t there Mark starts with preaching of John and ends w/ women running from the empty tomb Matthew – astrologers who came following a star – interpreted that to mean a significant ruler was to be
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Unformatted text preview: born – find baby – etc. etc. etc. Luke – Jesus is born – Sheppard’s see angels etc. etc. etc. Matthew and Luke – use Mark to write a longer version, also use a second source (Q – Quelle) 2 source hypothesis – talks about the two sources Matthew and Luke have in common – Mark and Q Most important reason for writing down the story of Jesus was to have a narrative context so that the stories have to be interpreted in the context the gospel writers put them A lot of irony in Mark - Peter...
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