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religion sept27

religion sept27 - Jeremiah – tells Judah surrender lone...

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Sept. 27 Religion – Dowd Israel – invade and try to conquer Judah, appeal to Syria for help; Judah appeals to Assyria to help – must become Assyria’s vassal state. Assyria conquers Syria and Israel 722 BC – lost tribes of Israel; Samaritans – ppl left behind and ppl brought into Israel. Hezekiah, Josiah, and David – good kings of Judah; because they worship YHWH Hezekiah – want to break free of Assyria; Assyria sends troops to conquer Judah, Isaiah tells Hezekiah to hold out God will protect you. Judah appeals to Babylon to help fight against Assyria. Agrees to become vassal state of Babylon, Judah eventually rebels, Babylon marches on Judah.
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Unformatted text preview: Jeremiah – tells Judah surrender; lone prophet. New Covenant – written on ppls hearts, ppl obey it. 597 Babylonians exile the upper class, elite – Daniel, Ezekiel, his prophecies given from Babylon. The Babylonians put Zedekiah in power – rebels. Everyone exiled to Babylon. Jeremiah taken to Egypt. Persians come to power – try to conquer Greece, does not work. Jewish could not offer sacrifices – not allowed to circumcise; Seleucia’s killed Jews who did not adhere to laws. Judas Maccabeus (the hammer) - leader – foreign gods Apocalyptic Literature – to reveal a heavenly perspective to earthly happenings....
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