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-Oct. 2 Religion – Dowd Myth – cultural artifacts (literature) that talk about what is important to a culture - tend to teach or explain (why is it that…) – an explanation of how things are Wisdom literature – very practical – universal truth – international – contains advice on living in the world Proverb – synonymous – repeats the same thing, antithetical – tells of one type of person and then tells the opposite of the opposite people, or synthetic – tells of
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Unformatted text preview: something and then expands on it Figures of Speech – better (this), than (that); lists Personification of Wisdom – giving human-like characteristics to a non-human “thing” Wisdom – personification of an abstract – feminine in grammatical structure Wisdom of God – Torah (in physical form) Stoicism - claims that the principle of reason (logos) literally permeates everything (is found in everything) inhabits the human mind Wisdom = Logos – word...
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