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Sept. 18 Religion – Dowd Judges More military leaders – show consequences of disobeying God Pattern – Israelites forget to worship the Lord falls into idolatry Worhship Canaan gods – Baal – bull riding god; Asherah/Astarte – fertility Enemies win Repent – cry out to the Lord Judge Gideon/Sampson/Deborah Deborah – Chp. 5 – Judge Chp. 10-11 woman become sacrafices As time goes on time’s become more difficult for women Idolatry – worshipping the wrong god – any god that is not YHWH Jephthah – illegitimate – thrown out by his siblings Casting lots Samuel – last of the judges, transitioning into a prophet who hears from God Anoint – to pour olive oil over their head
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Unformatted text preview: Someone who has been anointed is referred to as – Mashiah (oily head) in Greek – Christos Saul – anointed one – from tribe of Benjamin - disobeys God David – to become new King – has to wait before he can reign Saul feels threatened by David – attempts to kill him David flees Proclaimed king in Hebron – must fight one of the sons of Saul in order to be proclaimed king of all of Israel – David is successful Saul’s son murdered “Ark” – box in which are the tablets, Aaron’s rod, and a bowl of mannah Throne of the invisible God 2 Samuel 11 – David sends Joab...
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