PSYCH 326 First Day

PSYCH 326 First Day - PSYCH 326 Introduction to the field...

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PSYCH 326 Introduction to the field of Behavioral Neuroscience PSYCH department office is 501 in SMG Ch. 3 (Posted on Blackboard) Levels of studying the nervous system - Neuroanatomy: o What the nervous system is made up of - neurophysiology: o how neurons work (mobio or biochem) - neuropharmacology: o drugs and their affect on neurotransmitters - neuropathology: o the study of disease of the NS - neuroendocrinology: o endocrine, the study of hormones in the endocrine system o the interactions of hormones and neural tissue Neuroscience training and specializations - Behavioral Neuroscience o Relationship between any type of behavior and the NS - Cognitive Neuroscience o “thinking/thought” o memory - Clinical Neuroscience o Focus on disorders or therapies - Developmental Neuroscience o From conception to death o Pre-natal development o Twins develop compared to single births o Teratogens: agents that alter development and cause birth defects (mainly brain function that can be permanent) o Gerontology is the effect of age on the brain - Social Neuroscience o Brain function on intrapersonal research. What someone says and what someone actually feels. Say Im comfortable, but brain pattern says stressed. - Psychoneuroimmunology o Stress and health meet with psychology and neuroscience. o Can be immunologists, or psychologists interested in stress ASSIGNMENT #1: Get to know the field of Neuroscience
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PSYCH 326 First Day - PSYCH 326 Introduction to the field...

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