bio SI test 2

bio SI test 2 - 5 days before the exam study before...

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5 days before the exam – study – before studying read every chapter – take tons of notes – GO TO SI!!! Review notes – beat chapter to death!!!!! Describe the endosymiotic theory – eukaryote ate a prokaryote – prokaryote turns into the mitochondria – we know this b/c antibiotics affect the mitochondria thus bacteria - advantage eukaryote gives to prokaryote; what advantages prokaryote give to eukaryote Describe the advantage of compartmentalization in a cell Organelles perform specific tasks making it more efficient - complexity – specificity Include examples (1 or 2) to support answer Organelles (muy importante) – for a cell what’s more advantageous – surface area – more membrane – more space available for channels – polar into the cell – more membrane - non polar – mathematical DNA –mRNA – outside nucleus into cytoplasm – sub unit of ribosome – counterpart will attach – both together synthesize a sequence of amino acids Nucleus – controls the cell; has a double membrane called the nucleur envelope - phospholipid bilayer - nucleur pores made up of 8 proteins – connectors between membranes – nucleur lamina – fibrous proteins – intermediate filaments DNA and RNA found in nucleus – RNA = nucleolus; you can’t see DNA Direct communication between rough er and nucleus – Rough ER – called rough b/c of ribosomes Ribosomes – 2 sub units small and large Separated – only come 2gether when mRNA is going to make a protein Receptors on the plasma membrane or get kicked out of the cell
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bio SI test 2 - 5 days before the exam study before...

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