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An Issue - wouldn’t a homosexual or bisexual person have...

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Veronique Nydam Debate Paper 1 An Issue: On Gay Rights In the last debate my group was debating pro for gay rights. On this issue I whole heartedly agree. I believe that regardless of a person’s sexual orientation, everyone deserves the same rights. It doesn’t seem fair that a person who is married to someone of the opposite sex has easier access to certain rights. As stated in the United States Constitution, “Every man is created equal.” If people in the US are so adamant about their freedoms and rights, should they not exercise the same rights for people of every walk of life? If “every man is created equal” why
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Unformatted text preview: wouldn’t a homosexual or bisexual person have access to the same rights as a “straight” individual? So in this case the issue was easy to debate. Even if I had not read the argument in the book, I could have come up with points because I feel the way I was arguing. The reading just helped further my already strong feelings. I really can’t think of much to say on the issue because it was so easy for me to debate. There were no mixed feelings when I was up there arguing....
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