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Unformatted text preview: Veronique Nydam Values: Across an Ocean, F rom Past to P resent 1 Values: Across an Ocean, & From Past to Present Some values undergo drastic changes over t ime, such as, a woman's vir tue or honor. In the past a woman's honor was not a small thing. I t was to be protected if at all possible, a woman without her honor was a woman shunned. Should a woman lose her vir tue she was no longer a suitable candidate for mar riage. Her good name was smeared and other women would avoid her. In today's society if a woman or girl loses her virginity before mar r iage it's not really a big deal, unless they are brought up in a Christian environment. But in general a woman who is still a virgin on her mar r iage night is a strange occurrence. Through this example one can see the differences in the morals and values of today's society versus society earlier in the century. Some values also differ over different cultures. Religious values are an obvious difference, but you also have religious differences that can be seen over the same culture, or even within the same community. A differing value could be manners of dress. In some M iddle Eastern count ries it is unseemly for a woman to show her hair, or face, and here in the US i t is normal to wear shorts and a tank top. The women in the Middle East value their beliefs in such a manner that they cover themselves in order to live up to their values, while in the US women wear what they please. Whether i t be pants, skir t, dress, or shorts. ...
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