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religion oct. 9 - Greek philosophy pervaded all cultures...

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October 9 Religion – Dowd (Insert Title Here) Alexander the Great – conquered everything east of Greece Greek became trade language of Mediterranean City-State govt. replaced by Empire Loss of religious confidence People uprooted, urbanization Economic instability Eastern culture influenced by Greeks Ruler cult adapted from Persia and Egypt Eastern religious cults adapted by Greeks, later Romans Isis and Osiris (Egypt) Mithras (Persia) Demeter and Persephone (Asia Minor) Dionysus (Asia Minor) Greeks influenced by the East Greek gods assimilated with local gods
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Unformatted text preview: Greek philosophy pervaded all cultures Socrates: Questions tradition Plato: Dualism – invisible more real than visible Stoicism: Logos pervades everything Virtues of self-control Epicureans: Mechanism/atomic theory Gods do not intervene in world Cynics: rejected social conventions Indifferent to money and power Religious Questions of Hellenistic People How do I gain true knowledge of the divine realm? How can I be guaranteed a blessed life after death? How can I cope with my troubles?...
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