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religion sept20 - Sept. 20 Religion Dowd Kings David ideal...

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Unformatted text preview: Sept. 20 Religion Dowd Kings David ideal king must be rebuked by the prophet Nathan. First son dies, second son Solomon Judah and the Levites remain loyal to David war against Absalon, David conquers, Joab kills Absalon Bathsheba approaches David and reminds him that he promised the throne to Solomon Sanctuary touching the altar Adonijah holds altar, Solomon tells him he wont hurt him so long as hes a worthy man When Adonijah asks for Abishag in marriage and Solomon has him killed, b/c that is asking for royal status Joab murdered, even though he is holding altar Solomon asks God for guidance, and wisdom receives riches and wealth Everything is good until he marries foreign wives b/c they know they are political pawns and use it to their advantage Worship foreign gods, at the same time that Solomon is building the temple for God, he is building small temples for all his foreign wives Temple becomes like Judges ppl turn from God, ask for repentance, God forgives, all is good, and then...
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