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bio oct5

bio oct5 - Oxidation and Reduction – that’s how energy...

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October 5 Biology – Rushing Allosteric Enzymes – activation? Look it up… Can be regulated by feedback inhibition Cellular Respiration Aerobic Respiration Lengthy sequence of events b/c it wouldn’t work to have all the energy released all at once –lengthy sequence so that energy is released slowly and in small amounts What are our bonds that are to be broken, storage bonds that we’re breaking? Carbon hydrogen bonds – one by one, bit by bit – carbon lines up in co2 and oxygen in water and c double bond o and…require more energy Oxidation reduction actions – oxidation of an organism coupled with reduction of an organism 1. Electrons 2. Hydrogens 3. Oxygens Oxidation is loss of electrons and reduction is gain of electrons OIL RIG – Oxidation is Loss, Reduction is Gain Oxidation – loss of hydrogens, Reduction – gain of hydrogens
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Unformatted text preview: Oxidation and Reduction – that’s how energy is moved around Reducing agent – substrate that has something to give and it will be oxidized as a result of the reaction Oxidizing agent – substrate taking something in Electron and Energy Carriers NAD/NADH carry more energy than FAD/FADH NAD+ - + means positively charged – got one less electron…open space PROTONS ARE EVERYWHERE Electron Transport – NADH & FADH what do they do with the electrons – send them along a path with a sequence of reactions and reductions ATP Formation – mitochondria and chloroplast – 1. chemiosmostic synthesis – oxidative phosphorylation – chloroplast (photphosphorylation) 2. Substrate Level Glycolysis - requires energy – glucose is phosphorylated...
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bio oct5 - Oxidation and Reduction – that’s how energy...

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