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Ghrelin – gives you feeling of hunger Leptin – produced by adepose tissue – appetite suppressant Pyy – appetite suppressant released after eating Insulin - produced when you have an increase in blood sugar, after a meal, or blood glucose levels, also suppresses appetite after eating Gastrin – secreted by the stomach in the blood stream to trigger sustained release of gastric juice – liquid stuff that’s secreted into your stomach, pepcinigin, HCL Secretin – small intestine – triggers CCK – triggers release of pancreatic enzymes Enterogastrone - What happens to the products of digestion in the small intestine – they must be absorbed How might nutrients be absorbed s – some sort of active transport; gradient
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Unformatted text preview: (electrochemical gradient) co-transport Blood that drains out of the small intestine goes to the liver (vessel papatic) To find out what’s there . ..what’s needed…etc. Chylomicrons – fat blobs that exit the lining of the small intestine taken up into the lacteals and travel through your lymphatic system Know everything about what’s broken down where and by what. Circulation Arteries Arterioles – peripheral resistance Capillaries Venioles Veins Systemic – 4 Chambered – 2 atria and 2 ventricles 3 Chambered – 2 atria and a ventricle 2 Chambered – 1 atrium and 1 ventricle fish...
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