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Pamela Yang Brianna Soto ENG1A SWANSON February 4, 2008 Freirian Terms Group 9: The Difference Between Seeing Reality as Stable and as a Process The dictionary definition of stable is that an object is resistant to sudden change or deterioration. The definition for process is a particular course of action intended to achieve a result. According to Freire, the meaning of seeing reality as stable basically means you’re taking in information as if everything you’re receiving has been established and is definite. To see reality as a Enter away message text here. process involves understanding that the world is not fixed and carved in stone neither can it be fully explained and in Freire’s terms is “undergoing constant transformation p 259”. Seeing reality as a process is a procedure that produces an individual that can form their own opinions and judgments. Seeing reality as stable fabricates a monotonous and bland society. The difference between seeing reality as a process than as stable can be distinguished through the
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Unformatted text preview: idea that the individual has to take in information through persistent questioning rather than simply absorbing the information as it is given. When one sees that learning is not merely a stable concept, they will further understand the underlying details in actuality based on their own experiences and backgrounds. Seeing reality as stable justifies that everything put forth is true, and therefore cannot be questioned. To see reality as stable as opposed to seeing it as a process suppresses the individual’s right to contribute extra knowledge. Seeing reality as stable also restricts an individual’s natural human instinct to be critical of everything they put into their minds, as a result dehumanizing them. When we see reality as a process, you don’t understand reality as it is presented, but through rigorous inquiry it is more possible to take hold of a greater understanding rather than soaking up what’s given without any personal input....
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