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Pamela Yang ENG1A SWANSON February 20, 2008 Assignments for Writing #1 A Wasted Decade In a rigorous twelve years of training from the standard education system, I have had countless classes packed with information, useful yet challenging to retain for future reference. Essentially, a large part of the material I learned in school became insignificant to me not because the substance was irrelevant, but for the reason that it wasn’t taught in a way that would make it significant to me. My major goal was only to skim through the surface of the material, so I never had the chance to go deep enough to remember in the long run and make an opinion about. I was only introduced the facts, and the facts were what I needed to absorb so that I could pass the upcoming test. However, following the test, the material I memorized for the test gradually slipped out of memory. Paulo Freire depicts this method of education as a crime of dehumanization in his essay, “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education”. Ultimately, the hidden problem that affects these students takes place in the classroom where inquiry and thus the formation of new ideas and opinions are avoided, resulting in the society of monotonous and dependent victims. During my four years of high school, I transferred around schools in the bay area frequently. For my freshman year, I went to Chinese Christian School in San Leandro. There, I was taught that as long as I followed the requirements and guidelines of the assignments, I would get a good grade. My teacher only expected work to be turned in, without grammatical errors and bad spelling. I turned in my work for the first few weeks of class and gradually I lost interest and found the work to be repetitive and meaningless. All she wanted was some sort of evidence that I was participating in the class, meaning I must produce empty insignificant
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material as long as it was three pages long and grammatically correct. As a result, for the homework I did do, I did not put forth my ideas and instead wrote anything I thought would please her, basically restating her ideas and opinions. In the end, I received a low grade for my first semester of high school English, which carried in to my second semester, because my lack of confidence that I would ever be able to produce a decent paper that was meaningful to me. I transferred to Castro Valley High School the following year; my English class was actually very easy to me. Although they were easy classes, it didn’t mean it was beneficial to me. I did my
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This note was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course ENG 1A taught by Professor Swanson during the Spring '08 term at Chaminade University.

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FreireESSAY - Pamela Yang ENG1A SWANSON Assignments for...

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