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Pamela Yang ENG1A SWANSON February 12, 2008 The “Banking” Concept of Education Questions for a Second Reading: p.267, #1 Throughout Freire’s essay, he states that students are unable to gain their own self- conscious mind if they were dependant on teachers for all worldly answers. On page 265, Freire lists in detail the right techniques of education in opposition to the ineffective method. For example, I’m currently taking a calculus class that I have a great deal of trouble in. The reason being the teacher resists all dialogue until the end of the lecture. That way, my teacher can easily finish “teaching” her set amount of material so that the class won’t be behind and will be able to take the exam on fixed date. This problem then results in a classroom of uninterested, and sometimes sleeping, students, who have many questions left unanswered because monotonous lessons ultimately only wear the students out. In contrast, I remember I once enjoyed a math class, geometry.
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Freire-ProbPosingQuestion - Pamela Yang ENG1A SWANSON...

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