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2-12-08 324 notes - T&D 324 Early Modern England The...

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2-12-08 T&D 324 Early Modern England: The Tragedy of Mariam to The Roaring Girl Mariam continued notes Internal poetic structure: ABAB Sonnets: esteemed form of poetry, Shakespeare, around 20 in play Act I, Scene i: First part is a sonnet, woman taking center stage, speaking for herself, “with public voice run on”, Rome’s last hero: Caesar -Goes on to talk about Herod, Roman emperors, comparing herself to them -Speeches go on after sonnets throughout the play, more to say What is Mariam trying to do in first speech? Contemplating in public, using sonnets which were characteristically male poetic form, Act II, Scene i: end of Pheroras’ first speech, Graphina usually dismissed as an obedient female, offsetting Mariam’s behavior, silence vs. speech
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