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Unformatted text preview: 2-26-08 T&D 324 French Neoclassical: Le Cid Rule-bound period in France for play writing: Le Cid was controversial in its production Stricter attention to institutional literary structure 5 act structure: also broken into "French scenes" every time a new character enters/exits a new scene is marked as opposed to switching locations like the stage management "French Scene Breakdown" Theme: A conflict between love and honor First Act: Rodrigue and Chimene in love Chimene's father Gomes insults Rodrigue's father Diegue, begins quarrel Suspense builds Revenge of son Second Act: Duel Chimene's vengeance Revenge of daughter Third Act: Moors attack Rodrigue earns title of "Le Cid" for his victories on the battlefield Fourth Act: Chimene confesses her love for Rodrigue when she believes he is dead Fifth Act: Chimene and Rodrigue are hesitant to marry because of their history, however Chimene's father believes they are meant to be together...end of the play is uncertain, don't know if they marry or not Back to the theme: Many characters involved in the conflict, each defending either love, honor, or both Parental/fraternal relationships are fathers in this play mini versions of the king? Is the play about patriarchy? Why aren't there any mothers? How would the play be different? There is no exposition offering information on this subject did Corneille believe women were excess baggage? Conflicts are easier to portray with only two sides, mother characters may have intervened in the father's duels/children's revenge. Also no friend characters like Horatio from Spanish Tragedy Fight between the Spaniards and the Moors epic battle, anxiety over the foreign `other', dealing with `race', biocultural identities, patriotic play for French Is the play any good? We know French people love it... `Querelle du Cid': The Prequel ...
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