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Philosophy 140 Exam #3 Professor Gideon Yaffe December 5, 2007 DUE: Before 12 noon on December 6, 2007. Your exam must be e-mailed to your TA. Exam: Write an essay in response to the following: In lecture it was suggested that Soble can be read as saying that the Antioch Sexual Offense Policy fails to respect the autonomy of women. Explain that argument against the policy and consider an objection that might be offered to the argument. Does the objection succeed? Instructions: •Your exam is to be e-mailed to your TA before 12 noon on December 6. Do not e-mail your exam to Professor Yaffe. Your TA will respond to your e-mail indicating that he or she has received your exam. It is your responsibility to make sure that your exam is received by your TA. Your TA is the person who is teaching the section in which you are registered, even if for some reason you attend a different section. Here are the e-mail addresses of the TAs: Shiri Klima (M 10:00, Th 11:00) ([email protected]) Eduardo Villanueva (T 10:00, T 2:00) ([email protected])
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