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11Ch03 - Problems and Questions for Chapter 3 Material C2 A...

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Problems and Questions for Chapter 3 Material C2. A homolog is a pair of chromosomes that have the same size, same shape, centromere position, and same genes. They have different alleles and different orgins because they came form different parents. C10. The arrangement of homologs during metaphase I of meiosis is a random process because the spindle fibers on one pole attach to the kinetochore in a random way. The kinetochore of its homolog then attaches to the spindle fibers form the opposite pole. Additional Questions A1. A house fly’s germ cell has 6 homologous pairs in meiosis I. How many chromosomes and how many chromatids are present in cells in each of the following stages or types? Characterize each as haploid or diploid.
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