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Prokaryotic Gene Regulation Why regulate expression? Levels of regulation Transcription regulation: lac operon glucose lactose β -galactosidase galactose allolactose β -galactoside permease β -galactoside transacetylase polycistronic mRNA constitutive repressor operator operon leaky inducible lac operon and lacI mutations I + P O c Z + Y + A F’ I P + O + Z Y + A + / I + P + O c Z + Y + A + F’ I s P + O c Z Y + A / I P + O + Z + Y A F’ I + P + O + Z + Y A + / I + P O + Z + Y + A + uninducible cis trans negative regulation positive regulation
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Unformatted text preview: Positive Control of the lac Operon CAP cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) Transcription regulation: trp operon repressible attenuation Eukaryotic Gene Regulation Transcriptional regulation of genes controlled by steroids response element activator enhancer represssor silencer Transcriptional regulation of a gene for galactose metabolism 16...
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