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LectureFeb11&13 - Ant 302/Sp08 Instructor Marte...

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Ant 302/Sp08 Instructor: Marte Recapitulations from week#4 0. American Tongues-Ending 1. Questions about chapters 2. Questions about Projects 3. Questions about Films Discussion Week #5 Readings Feedback Primary Education Building a Legacy [if you read, Barthes Mythologies-PCL] 0. List what you remember from readings/reactions 1. List any difficulty you are having with readings, etc.   [2 minutes max.] Write your name, fold & pass your paper to the front Readings from UT-web Central 0. Representation in Texas 1. Opportunities to test-drive analysis 2. The closest situations to our daily lives 3. Practicum for concepts learned in class 4. UT-Campus as field-site: diverse communities
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Ant 302/Sp08 Instructor: Marte Linguistic Arbitrariness 5. What is this? …and This? 6. Phoneme (smallest unit of sound-meaning) 7. Relations/placement 8. Contrast/the difference that  difference make 9. Psychological reality of the phoneme (Japanese R/L)
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