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E 316K Spring 2008 17 th Century Literature Study Questions history (see pp. 598-9 for dates): Stuart Kings, Gunpowder plot, American colonies, Puritans, William Laud, civil war, Interregnum, Oliver Cromwell, Restoration; “King James” Bible; terms : conceit, metaphysical, metaphysical conceit, puns, paradoxes, carpe diem theme, blank verse, epigram, epic machinery/conventions concepts : Metaphysical poets, Cavalier poets, Sons of Ben, Tribe of Ben, wit, querelle des femmes , regicide, amanuensis, prelapsarian 1. Compare the diction and meter in these poems to the Elizabethan poems we have read. How do they differ? Which is more appealing to modern tastes, and why? 2. Donne’s poems are at once spiritual and carnal. How can these two sides be reconciled? 3. "The Flea" How does the opportunistic speaker keep pace with the events he is describing? How seriously are we to take the sacred overtones of the poem--the references to the Trinity, etc.? How important is "honor" to the speaker? 4. "The Good Morrow" What use does the speaker make of the public realms he mentions--court, exploration, philosophy? How is time's passage handled in this poem? What kind of temporality seems to govern Donne's love poetry? How does Donne's reference to the court here (and in other poems) compare to Wyatt's? 5. "Song, Go and Catch a Falling Star" What principle does "woman" stand for in this poem? The speaker's view may or may not closely resemble Donne's own, but how does it square with the compelling view of love relations we find in some of his sonnets? 6.
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17thStudyQs - E 316K Spring 2008 17th Century Literature...

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