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nicoles bca paper - Nicole Pettit Jumanji 1995 TriStar...

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Nicole Pettit Jumanji 1995 TriStar Pictures Plot and Structure: In 1869, the film begins with two young boys burying a board game. hundred years later, in 1969, when Alan (played by Robin Williams) was a young boy, he came across this board game outside of his dads shoe factory. He could faintly hear the noise of beating drums, and followed the noise until he got close to it. He then pulled a chest out of the ground, which contained the Jumanji game in it. He began to play the game with one of his best friends, Sarah (played by Bonnie Hunt). There were instructions located on the game board that read, “Jumanji. A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token, doubles get another turn. First player to reach the end win.” Once the two young children begin to play the game, they immediately notice that things were not going right. The game pieces begin to move by themselves, and messages appeared in the black sphere located in the middle of the game board. The game has different rules for different numbers which are rolled on the dice. Once Alan rolls, he is sucked into the board game into the jungle of Jumanji. Sarah being a young girl, is frightened and closes the game. She can’t believe what has happened, and because she did not finish the game, Alan is trapped in the game of Jumanji for the next twenty six years. A pair of siblings then moves into Alan’s old home. During their process of moving in, they begin to hear the faint noise of the drumming. A young boy Peter (played by Bradley Pierce) and his sister Judy (played by Kirsten Dunst) are drawn to the beating of the drum, and find it to be coming from the attic. Out of curiosity, the children roll the dice. After a few rolls, they are now surrounded by giant mosquitoes and out of control monkeys. Then they get the number which will unto their knowing, free Alan from the game. He appears as a thirty eight year old man and is shocked to be out. Alan is startled and in disbelief that everything which he knew about life is now different. He says he just wants to get back to his normal life, and refuses to play in the game because of the unusual things that had happened previously. He agrees to stay and watch, but soon comes to realize that there are now three game pieces on the board game and in order for the game to continue, he must roll the dice. Shortly after, they discover that for the game to go on, he must now find Sarah because she was one of the original players, and play the game until the end. They are able to locate Sarah because Alan remembers where she used to live. She can’t
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nicoles bca paper - Nicole Pettit Jumanji 1995 TriStar...

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