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nicole cps 44 - CPS 100 Computers and Society Spring 2008...

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Spring 2008 Project Assignment (PA) # 4 Worth 40 points Due at beginning of lab Week 11: 3/24 to 3/28/2008 Date: March 25, 2008 Your Name (Print/Type): Nicole Pettit Your Global ID (Print/Type): petti1nm Section # / Lab Time / Lab Instructor: 9920/Tuesday 3:00/ Purva “Computers and the Law” This assignment is based on chapter 4 of the (thin) textbook Impact of Computers . + = ??? Purpose:   The advent of computer technology has enabled many advances in various fields, including law and law  enforcement. While computer technology has generally improved the ability of law enforcement personnel to do their  jobs (fingerprint databases, accident reconstruction, etc.), it also has introduced new issues related to privacy, such as  those described on the next page. Assignment :  Read chapter 4 of  Impact of Computers  and the issues described on the next page. Choose at  least three topics, and do some additional research online or at the library. Create a PowerPoint presentation (a  minimum of nine slides including the title slide) about your topics. The presentation must follow the guidelines below,  as well as “Rules of the Road.” Print the slides as handouts, 3 to a page, and attach them to this coversheet.  Save a copy to your flash drive. Presentation Guidelines
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This note was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course CPS 100 taught by Professor Shrikhande during the Spring '08 term at Central Mich..

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nicole cps 44 - CPS 100 Computers and Society Spring 2008...

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