EC for unit 2

EC for unit 2 - locally on February 20, 2008 . Mercury...

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Amanda Ferencz AST3033 2/22/08 Extra Credit for Unit 2 Hubble Movie Questions 1. Betelguese in Orion's shoulder is an aging red giant star about 650 times larger than our Sun. 2. M-42, the Orion Nebula, is lit in its center by a beautiful diamond of four very hot, very young stars, called the Trapezium cluster. 3. While Mars is being left behind overhead and fading, the planet Saturn is rising at sunset in Leo as February ends; at opposition, it is closest to earth and at its best for viewing in 2008. NOTE: While the video notes the lunar eclipse is on February 21, 2008 by Greenwich Mean Time, remember that on our side of the ocean, we are 6 hours behind, so here it will be seen
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Unformatted text preview: locally on February 20, 2008 . Mercury Extra Credit 1. Caloris is the huge impact basin now fully revealed by Messenger; it is comparable to the state of Alaska in size, and about 20% larger than suspected from the Mariner X data. 2. The oddest smaller crater in this basin is nicknamed the "the Spider ", based on the unusual lines radiating from it. 3. I personally like the image called “Counting Mercury’s Craters”, because of the fact that it is the first image of a side of Mercury that no one has ever seen before. The surface in this particular picture really seems very smooth with the exceptions of the craters, and it makes me want to touch it....
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EC for unit 2 - locally on February 20, 2008 . Mercury...

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