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THTR 1009/Gerland FINAL EXAM GUIDELINES. The Final Exam will take place MONDAY, 18 DECEMBER from 1:30pm to 4:00pm in HELLEMS 252 (this room). The test is cumulative, that is, to covers material for the entire course. It will be composed of 90 multiple choice questions, 10 one-sentence IDs (worth 2 points each), and 10 passage IDs (worth 1 point each). At least 25% of the multiple choice questions will come DIRECTLY from previous exams, so they should be your starting place for studying. (The exams with answers are posted on Web CT). Next, you should review the study sheets for the separate exams. Finally, you should review the plays that we read for the class. They are: Hamlet , Tartuffe , A Doll House , Happy Days , Roosters , and How I Learned to Drive . As you think about each play, consider the following questions. You should be able to spot important passages from these plays, and be able to identify which major character is speaking. The test will be divided into four sections.
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