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romney page analysis2

romney page analysis2 - he stands on the issues and places...

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Jeff Mylet Hyperlinks/ Page Layout What seems rather evident from the information gathered by observing the hyperlinks on Mitt Romney’s official website is that he is running as a candidate who hopes to be elected the next President not by where he stands on the issues, but by being well advertised and promoted. On his homepage, there are several small gray links, one of which will take you to the area of his website which explains where he stands on the issues. At the same time, he has several large colorful links that will take you to the blog written by his 5 sons, and other that will let you contribute to his campaign (only financially). We personally do not feel Mitt Romney places enough emphasis on where
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Unformatted text preview: he stands on the issues, and places too much emphasis on less important things that many voters do not care about (Mitt TV, Mitt will send a personalized message to a friend of your choice, Mitt in the news, Mitt merchandise, photo albums, etc.) The page layout of Mitt Romney’s website we found to be rather user friendly. It is not a long site that contains too much content, and everything you might be looking for can basically be found right on his homepage rather easily, although it should be noted we suggest more of an emphasis on the issues section....
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