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weatherwise summary - altitude Fronts can also tell the...

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Philip Allen Aviation Weather 3 Sep 07 Weather is an important factor to any pilot, whether they are IFR certified, hold a  Private Pilots certificate, or only hold a recreational pilot certificate.  Weather can move  in so fast that any pilot can be taken by surprise. It is extremely important to pilots to  review weather tips and brush up on the small things that cause bad weather. Learning  weather is not a hard thing to learn but for a pilot to not learn weather because that pilot  is not interested then the pilot needs to re-think flying. Fronts I think can tell a pilot about the weather that is moving into the area or  weather that is currently there already. Fronts can tell a pilot weather he or she will have  to stay at a certain altitude on the cross-country because winds are too strong at an 
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Unformatted text preview: altitude. Fronts can also tell the pilot that a big thunderstorm is here and the pilot should not go flying because of the severity of turbulence. Fronts are extremely important for a Private Pilot because it could mean weather he or she will be going on the flight that day or for the next couple of days. IFR pilots need to pay attention to certain fronts because of ice tendencies and building thunderstorms. Knowledge of Icing is important to even the VFR pilot because he or she may encounter this in flying. A pilot does not intend to fly into icing conditions but it is to the pilot’s advantage to know what to do in an icing situation. Before any flight a pilot takes he or she should have their limitations thought out and stick to them no matter what happens....
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weatherwise summary - altitude Fronts can also tell the...

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