2002 - elementary gas phase reaction is A B → C D The...

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ChE 442 Midterm Exam Fall, 2002 1. A reactor system consists of two reactors (a CSTR and PFR) with the same volume. An irreversible isothermal reaction takes place in the reactors. A B A r = k C A 2 The conversion at the exit from the first reactor is 50%. Calculate the final conversion for the two different reactor schemes: (1) CSTR followed by PFR (2) PFR followed by CSTR Compare the reactor volumes required for cases 1 and 2 above. 2. A 300 L CSTR and a 150L PFR are used in series to process a feed of 2L/s consisting of 50% A, 30% B, and 20% inert at 10 atm and 500ºC. The reaction is described as A + 0.5B C @ and the reaction rate is given in terms of conversion X r A 350 10 1 + = - (L·min/mole) Assuming A, B, and C are ideal gases, show which reactor system (CSTR/PFR or PFR/CSTR) has the highest conversion 3. A company produces a gas product C using a packed bed reactor by the following
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Unformatted text preview: elementary gas phase reaction is A + B → C + D The reaction is carried at 400 K and the inlet pressure is maintained as 20 atm. The composition of feed is A : B = 1 : 2 with a total flow rate of reactants of 5 L/h. Other data given are the pressure factor α = 0.1/lb cat, and k = 13.437 L 2 /moles·h. If the final conversion is 70%, what is necessary amount of catalyst (Hint, W>5) ? 4. A semi-batch reactor is used to carry out the following elementary reaction A + B → C @ k = 0.2 ft 3 /lb mole·min The initial volume of the reactor is 100 ft 3 , and it initially contains 2 lb mole/ft 3 of A without B. Starting at = t , 5 ft 3 /min of a solution containing 0.5 lb mole of B is fed into the reactor. How many mole of C are present in the reactor after half an hour?...
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2002 - elementary gas phase reaction is A B → C D The...

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