Chapter 1 - the molecules speed up. 3) By increasing the...

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Philip Allen Aviation Weather Assignment 1 26 Aug 07 Aviation Weather 1) Troposphere layer 2) 36,000 feet MSL 5) 17.99 hours 7) -43 8) 1) 13 c 2) 12 c 3) 8.7 c 4) 0.6 c 5) -49 c 9) 1) The pressure increases because the heat warms up the molecules and they become more energetic. 2) By reducing the amount of mass inside because the temperature will make the rest of
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Unformatted text preview: the molecules speed up. 3) By increasing the volume because the molecules have force over a bigger area 10) The can would crush inward because the pressure on the outside the can decreases....
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