Topic Sentence Outline

Topic Sentence Outline - relevant, so that most people knew...

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K i r k | 1 Sean Kirk Professor Corner English 110.01 January 25, 2008 Topic Sentence Outline 1. Margaret Mead’s essay “Warfare: An Invention—Not a Biological Necessity” is more persuasive because she clearly steps out and defines her side, and explains in detail why her side is the better side. 2. Mead used a very distinct tone and voice in her essay, making it more persuasive because it was easy to relate to and right away caught the reader’s attention, making it more interesting and easy to read and understand. 3. Mead’s essay gives many descriptive examples throughout her essay that jumped out and grasped the reader’s complete concentration. The examples were also
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Unformatted text preview: relevant, so that most people knew what she was trying to get across. 4. Meads essay is more persuasive because of the way she offers three different sides to the argument, discusses how people argue them, and then shows how her argument is better. 5. William Jamess essay The Moral Equivalent of War is less persuasive because James does not clearly define what side of the argument he stands for until the end of the paper and confuses the reader. K i r k | 2 6. Jamess essay is less persuasive because there were no important examples, nothing specific that jumped out and actually showed that warfare was not necessary in culture today....
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Topic Sentence Outline - relevant, so that most people knew...

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