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Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture ARCH 200, Spring 2008 Outlines of Architecture T 11:30-1:18 Recitation Sections: per master schedule Professors: Ashley Schafer, Jacqueline Gargus, Douglas Graf, Michael Cadwell, Jason Kentner, Jane Amidon, Jeff Kipnis, John McMorrough, Stephen Turk, Mark Goulthorpe Honors Section Instructor: Ben Wilke Graduate Assistants: Scott Colman, Adison Godel, Michael Herpy, Erin Reilly-Sanders, Courtney Keys Assignment for Week 2 – Professor Kipnis Due: Tuesday, April 8 – 11:30am (In class before the beginning of lecture.) Go to the Wexner Center for the Arts and experience one of the following exhibitions: “Solitaire” by Lee Lozano, Sylvia Mangold and Joan Semmel Or “Biblical Stories” by Adi Nes Consider the affect produced by one of the paintings or drawings, or photographs in the respective exhibit chosen. (How does the piece make you feel? What questions does the piece raise? What technique(s)
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Unformatted text preview: does the artist use to convey meaning? etc.) Next, design a “window” that produces/recreates that same affect. Documentation of your design should be turned in on an 11”x 17” sheet and can be sketches, drawings, collages, images, etc. As part of the assignment, you must also do a brief (minimum 50 word) write-up of: 1) The piece you chose. 2) The affect(s) which is embodied in that piece. 3) A stated intention of what your window attempts to show relative to that affect. Both parts of the assignment that you turn in should demonstrate an understanding of materials covered in lecture and readings that look at different types and/or interpretations of windows, art, & architecture. Assigned: Tuesday, April 1 Due: Tuesday, April 8 – 11:30am (In class before the beginning of lecture.)...
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