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conservation and momentum lab

conservation and momentum lab - 1 The method of catching...

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Conservation and Momentum Lab Analysis and Conclusions 1. See data table attached. 2. P=mv C1T1=P=(0.720)(0.53)= 0.38592 kgxm/s C1T2=P=(0.720)(0.64)= 0.7602 kgxm/s C2T1=0.675 C2T2=0.580 3. P=mv where v=0; all trial with either cart equals 0 4. No, because initially they weren’t moving, but once the spring hit the velocity increased. 5. Pf=Ma x (-Vaf) + Mb x Vbf 7201(-.53)+ 2500(.208) = *Final momentum should equal o Extension and Application
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The method of catching the ball that might prevent the stinging sensation after catching several fastballs is to conserve explosion momentum by cushioning the glove to reduce impact of collision. 2. The total momentum will stay the same and be split between the 2 target balls because no momentum can be lost or gained. Also it is a closed system; no positive or negatice momentum. MaVai+MbVbi+MaVaf=MbVbf...
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