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ESS 51 Review - ESS 51 Review History of Sport and Physical...

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ESS 51 Review History of Sport and Physical Educaton -Greek society and sport -Sought to develop intellectual and physical growth through the physical-holism - All that needed to be learned could be found in sport - Other extracircular (art, literature) all tied into sport as well - Prominent sports: war sports, and character developing: javelin, discus, wrestling, track - “Golden Age” of sport - emphasized Body Beautiful - unity of body, mind and spirit - arête- pursuit of excellence - vital part young education - Olympic games – stopped wars and invited enemies to come participate -Roman Sport -still emphasized sport – bred soldiers out of great athletes - got lazy and started using slaves - ruling class participated only in leisure sports - preferred professionalism to amateurism, spectators, blood sports -Sport in colonial America - formalized sport seen as evil – religion - work valued highly over leisure activities - Calvin Doctrine – fate predetermined - Wanted sign of good afterlife- success, humility, self-discipline, giving back -Early 1800s - came from Europe – less strict, brought games with them - first games were native American – horse racing, shooting, hunting and fishing - sport was a way of demonstrating success - all seen as savage by mainstream -Industrial era - mechanization started in 1830s - move from agarian to urbanization – more concentration of people and more leisure time - people began to exchange ideas – time to play games - civil war called for more machines - lead to decline of religious opposition - factors that influenced the need for sport - factories didn’t provide success- needed a new means – sport - muscular Christianity - developed good Christians instead of being seen as sinful - education became a foci of America - colleges used sport to keep kids out of trouble – beginnings of intramural sports - lead to importing formal sport from Europe
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-German system - Friedrich Jahn – correlation of sport and education into curriculum - Main emphasis – gymnastics - Immigrants to u.s. called turnvereins - Started to integrate into American schools – Harvard -Swedish system - started by Per Ling – sport science and the effects of physical education effects on the body with anatomy and kinesiology - wanted to restore norish pride - came into boston area - medical gymnastics – close to physical therapy - teachers must have a knowledge of physical effects of exercise on the body
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ESS 51 Review - ESS 51 Review History of Sport and Physical...

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