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ESS 51 career project - Jeff Pallesen ESS 51 Perm 8173395...

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Jeff Pallesen ESS 51 Perm: 8173395 Analysis of A Career Topic: Professional Athletics Trainer Definition: Athletic training falls under the exercise physiology sub-discipline. Athletic training deals with management, prevention, recognition and rehabilitation of injured athletes. Athletic trainers administer immediate emergency and follow-up care. They help in athletic injury prevention and treatment programs using their knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and pathology. Athletic trainers also provide communication between the injured athlete, the physician, the coach, and sometimes the athlete's family, to help determine when it is acceptable for the athlete to return to competition and practice. Reasoning behind choosing field: I have always enjoyed going to camps put on by professionals in my sports to help me become a better athlete, and I want to provide an opportunity for helping the advancement of athletes in fields where athletic trainers might not be readily available due to the lack of school involvement for smaller name sports (i.e. water polo, swimming). Requirements to enter field: Must first enter and complete an undergraduate or graduate program that offers a major or graduate equivalent in an athletic training program that includes sports medicine, anatomy, physiology, CPR 1 .
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Must have clinical education experiences of at least two years under supervision of a qualified approved clinical instructor with a variety of different populations and subjects
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ESS 51 career project - Jeff Pallesen ESS 51 Perm 8173395...

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