Final Draft of Allegor-Divided line

Final Draft of Allegor-Divided line - Mickey Martinez...

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Mickey Martinez Philosophy Prof. Scrandis 11/20/07 Knowledge, as seen in the Allegory of the Cave and the Divided Line Plato’s Divided Line represents the visible versus the intelligible . These themes of the tangible truth versus perceived truth can also be found throughout the Allegory of the Cave . The themes of Plato’s divided line and allegory of the cave encompass the nature of representation , being appearance versus reality and opinion versus knowledge. Plato recognized that the picture of the Divided Line may be too difficult for many of us to understand . Due to this, Plato offered a simpler story in which each of the same structural components appears in a way that we can all comprehend at our own level . The Allegory of the Cave allows readers to get a clear perception of truth versus perceived truth . Both tools parallel each other in that they are representations of human knowledge . The divided line consists of two major sections . The bottom half is the less knowledgeable half referred to as the “sensory realm” . This half primarily consists of opinions and mere forms . We can look at the top of the divided line as a form of the sun which shines down on the shady bottom . At the top of this lower section is belief, or perception-based ideation . At this level we can see objects, perceive information about the object and form beliefs based on the sight, sound, and shape . These beliefs can only take us through life at a slow crawl, but we aspire to climb the line to the eventually reach
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true forms . It is natural for humans to be idolatrous since we take all images to be real. When born we are placed in a visible world , where most of what we perceive to be true is quite the opposite . Throughout our journey of life the intelligible world begins to become our own world . The sun is no longer casting a shadow down upon us, but instead we can now see the sun for its true form . At the top of the Divided Line is the divine source of all things , which is known as “the Good” , and which is compared to the sun. The sun is not only the source of all that is existent on earth , but it also allows us to be able to see what exists. What comes directly from the Good are not only things , but ideas, or “the Forms”, by which we refer to as a “perfect universal idea” of a thing . Our everyday familiarity with things in the world comes through the body and its five senses . Once you have reached the good then you
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Final Draft of Allegor-Divided line - Mickey Martinez...

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