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Unformatted text preview: Hinduism – Discussion Questions 1) Explain/Summarize the characteristics of divine power as written in Novak concerning the Vedas. More specifically, how is Ultimate Reality conceived and how does it function? Divine power is embodied within different gods with the most popular god in the Rig-Veda being Indra, who is said to have been the most powerful god even at birth, and is credited for both slaying the serpent that created life and aiding the Aryans in overcoming the non-Aryans. The second most popular god is the Agni, the god of fire. He is responsible for driving demons away and is best known for his important role in the sacred fire sacrifice. After Agni, there is Soma, the god found in the food of the gods. He is described as bestowing the gift of immortality on those who have drunk Soma, and also has the power to heal, keeping ailments at bay and protecting the body from injury. Next, there is Varuna, the all-knowing god and protector of the moral order of the world. He “knows the pathway of the wind…all-knowing god and protector of the moral order of the world....
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