10.18-_Endocrine_Cont - Endocrine (cont) -Thyroid gland: -2...

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Endocrine (cont) - Thyroid gland: -2 lobs straddling trachea below larynx -composed of follicles (hollow cells filled w/ fluid) -edge w/ follicular cells -filled w/ colloid (extracellular) -active in fetus brain development -thyroid hormones (TH) -T4- most abundant in circulation -T3- most active form. Also made from T4 in effectors -Production of TH: -follicular cells have receptors for TSH -TSH stimulates T3/T4 production -Actually made in colloid (NOT MADE IN CELL) -So endocytosed to be exocytosed -TH then inhibits TSH and TRH -Nuclear receptors found in most cells -ex: cardiac muscle, small intestine, fat cells, neurons **= 2 rings which makes it non-polar -TH metabolic effects -stimulate metabolism= generate heat -enhance use of metabolic fuels -promote effects of sympathetic NS -neural development brain development -promote effects of growth H Disorders: -most common ES disease - Too much or too little - Hypothyroidism-(too little) -commonly iodine deficiency; autoimmune disease -no negative feedback from TH
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10.18-_Endocrine_Cont - Endocrine (cont) -Thyroid gland: -2...

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