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10.16_smooth_muscle_and_endorcine_system - -Pathway...

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10/16 Smooth Muscle - Locations - lines the… -digestive tract -blood vessels -urogenital ducts -glands - Characteristics : -not striated; layered -autonomic (+ and -) -myofilaments arrangement - Myofilaments -myosin and actin -thick and thin -thin attached to dense bodies -thick lie between thins -cells often linked by gap junctions Contraction : -increase [Ca] intracellular -autonomic, hormones, chemical, stretch pacemaker -Ca activates calmodulin -which activates myosin light chain kinase -phosphoylate myosin -cross-bridge formation -cross- bridge cycling Relaxation -decrease [Ca] – move it out of cell -increase myosin light chain phosphatase -no cross-bridge can occure… Endocrine System -the other communication system -blood-carried signals -wide- spread effect -regulated by feedback mechanisms Speed? Neural is faster than endocrine
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Unformatted text preview: -Pathway : Gland (neuron) endocrine/hormone effector-Endocrine/hormone-differ in type: mechanism of action -Types of hormones: 1) Amine hormones:-derived from tyrosine (C ring)-examples:-Thyroid gland (T3 and T4)** (2 C rings)-Hypothalamus (dopamine)-Adrenal medulla (autonomic, sympathetic) -norepinepherine, and epinephrine 2) Peptide hormones:-chain amino acids- proteins -Synthesized as prohormones-packaged into secretory vesicles-stored in vesicles-released on demand-examples: -insulin-hypothalamic release hormones-pitutary hormones-gastrointestinal hormones 3) steroid hormones-synthesized from cholesterol-lipothilic-hydrophobic/nonpolar-needs binding protein-alter DNA transcription-Produced by gonad, adrenal cortex, placenta...
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10.16_smooth_muscle_and_endorcine_system - -Pathway...

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