2Aphid REPRODUCTION - PARTHENOGENESIS Occurs with females...

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Unformatted text preview: PARTHENOGENESIS Occurs with females only. Increases population quickly, as all members are breeding females. Creates haploid (1n) individuals. Eggs are not fertilized. Aphids Have a "Choice" Parthenogenesis: Occurs when conditions are good. All individuals can give birth--All female. Reproduction is rapid. Population explodes! Aphids cause damage to crops. Female aphids under crowded conditions Born alive! Aphids are viviparous. Crowding on the tender apical leaves Aphids Taking Flight Sexual reproduction occurs under crowded conditions. Develop wings. Both males and females develop. Allows for dispersal. Advantage in genetic variation. Sexual Reproduction Allows for genetic diversity. Organisms must seek mates. Elaborate courtship rituals (booming, bugling, flashing lights, dancing, brilliant colors, flowers, and chocolates) In some species, 2 parents can help raise young. ...
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