MUIN360 S2008 Syllabus Rev1.1

MUIN360 S2008 Syllabus Rev1.1 - MUIN 360 Introduction to...

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MUIN 360: Introduction to Music Law, Spring Semester 2008 Mark Goldstein 213.740.3224 [email protected] Welcome! There’s a lot to cover in this class, but the class is, and is intended to be, an “introduction” to “music law”. Accordingly, we’ll try to cover the basics in a comprehensible way, without bogging down too much in details that are covered in other courses. You should, however, always feel free to explore in more depth areas that you find particularly interesting. Some of the suggested reading materials will be helpful in these endeavors. Attendance is mandatory, and class participation is very helpful, both for your grade, your learning, and the experience of the entire class. My office hours are from 4:00pm until 5:00pm, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in ASI 204, and by appointment. Office hours commence on Tuesday, January 15. There will be four examinations, including the mid-term examination and the final examination. The great majority of the examinations will be multiple-choice examinations, but there may be an essay component in one or more of the examinations. There is also a required course project, which in most cases will account for approximately twenty percent (20%) to twenty-five percent (25%) of your grade in the course. There is no specific allocation to the various exams in determining your course grade; be aware, however, that the exams will all be cumulative, so that the later exams will have a larger effect on your course grade, since they will evaluate your knowledge on more of the material covered than do the earlier exams. Your course grade will depend on how well you demonstrate your understanding of the material. The required texts are: -Passman, Donald, All You Need to Know About the Music Business , 6th ed., Simon & Shuster, NY, NY (2006) (“P”); and -Course Reader, Recording Contracts (“CR”) Also, in response to requests over the years from some prior students, I will mention here the book that I use for the Law School course I teach on Entertainment. I am not suggesting that you need to, or should, purchase or refer to this book (for one thing, it’s hideously expensive). It’s not a book that’s appropriate for this course. I am mentioning the book here because it seems that every semester a few students ask about the possibility of Law School or whether Law School might be for them or how this course relates to what might
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MUIN360 S2008 Syllabus Rev1.1 - MUIN 360 Introduction to...

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