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unit 2 essay(RM) - Bus Honors Hybrid 101 Unit 2 Essay Test...

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Bus Honors Hybrid 101 Unit 2 Essay Test #3 Unions that started in Britain during the Industrial Revolution in the 18 th to 19 th centuries when workers were made to work 16 hour days, child labor was used, and many people died on the job without any compensation or fault of the company. Unions have become an option to many business employees and a threat to many companies. This labor movement, which resulted in unions, is a term for the development of collective organization of working people to campaign for their best interest and better treatment from their employers and the government. Unions usually represent the interests of the working class, because most elite individuals do not need protection. Many people join unions to combat alienation; to act against the feeling they have that they’re losing their individual or social identity at work. Unions are also a way to meet other people in a firm or company that share your beliefs that your jobs are dull and repetitive, or that you are underappreciated for you work. Some join unions for the job security it provides. If you are in a union and pay a fee to the union, a company is hesitant to lay you off because the union could step in a start an affair or unjust termination of employment or anything else they can think of to gain more benefits and rights from the company. The overall salary, benefits, working conditions, and treatment are just some of the things a union tries to enhance for its members. Here in the US, now there is very little company loyalty in the employee-employer relationship, so many people have joined unions. Because many companies have no problem laying you off after 20 years of work, just to hire an entry-level employee whom they can pay 20,000 thousand less. This strategy is very profitable for the company, which at worst may lose a little bit of productivity while the new employee is getting used to working. Because of this reason people have joined unions to gain security and all the other perks mentioned in the preceding paragraphs like health benefits and even disability and life insurance coverage. The advantages for employees are obvious: they have job security, chance for higher wages, benefits, insurance etc. They can have a calm mind knowing that if they are a member of a union then they probably will not lose their job overnight. The employees get treated better because of unions and through collective bargaining, and strikes can achieve their goals of higher wages or better benefits. The disadvantage for workers is to have to pay for the union membership, which isn’t easy to obtain to begin with, and have to be part of that organization and attend meetings, and strike when they tell you to strike; if you cross the picket line
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you’re out of the union. Another disadvantage is that the union could demand so much that for the short-run you will have a good paying job, but in the long-run these demands will have put so much pressure on the cash flow and revenue of the
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unit 2 essay(RM) - Bus Honors Hybrid 101 Unit 2 Essay Test...

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