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ProjectMotion Lab - Projectile Motion-Cycle 2 Justin Lyles...

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Projectile Motion-Cycle 2 Justin Lyles - 251878421 Mark Wojoski - 249736331 Physics 211 L February 20, 2006 Abstract: In this lab, an angle apparatus along with a metal ball was used to determine the initial velocity of a projectile by measuring its range and comparing it to the velocity measured by timing the ball crossing a known distance. The uncertainty in the range for each angle was determined from an equation given in the procedures. The equation to find the range based on kinematics was given to us and we were to derive this equation by completing the experiment.
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Introduction: Anytime an object is released or fired from a position higher than the gravitational field, the path it forms from its release to the time it comes to a stop is a curve. If there is little or no air resistance, the path is a parabola. The object accelerates by gravity in the vertical direction and no acceleration in the horizontal direction. From the rules of physics such as kinematics and trigonometry, the range for an object's distance traveled is: R=(v^2/g)*sin(2 θ ). The purpose of this equation is to verify it from the results of the experiment using the ballistic pendulum apparatus and photogate. Procedure: Apparatus Set the apparatus on the floor so that no one is hit by the ball. Make sure the timing gate is at the right angle to the path of the ball to insure proper timing. Align the infrared beam with the metal dowel on the gun. Place the ball on the metal dowel and push the ball until the dowel clicks and the ball is held in a clutch position. Set the timer on “gate”, “0.1 ms” and “memory: off”. The gate mode displays the duration the ball blocked the sensor in the timing gate. Reset the timer by pushing the red button before each time the gun is
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ProjectMotion Lab - Projectile Motion-Cycle 2 Justin Lyles...

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