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Feng Fei Feng English 1A Professor Bonar 31 Jan 2006 Parents, High Technology and Children Only actions give life strength; only moderation gives it a charm. –Jean Paul Richter In today’s society, often times both parents have to work in order to maintain a decent standard of living, causing parents to have less time to take care of their children. Parents do not understand what their children think about because there is a lack of communication. Thus, parents provide their children with technologically advanced products in hopes of having these products satisfy their children’s needs. Technology gives children freedom and the power to turn their thoughts into reality. However, in some parents’ eyes, this freedom may seem excessive; therefore, they impose various kinds of restrictions upon their children based on their own biases. This situation is the subject of the story “The veldt,” written by Ray Bradbury, a well-known science fiction writer. Thus, because of parents’ subjective restrictions upon children and being too reliant upon high technology, this technology takes the place of parents in children’s lives. Parents set up restrictions according to their own ideas, causing the children to feel persecuted. In his story, Bradbury describes a situation in which the children create a rocket ship using their imaginations and want to use it to travel to New York. After the parents prohibit their children’s trip, they notice that the children have “been acting funny ever since” 1
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Feng (13). In the children’ minds, they should be free to play whatever they choose. They believed that they “were free to play as [they] wished” (14). Nevertheless, the parents hold a very different view about the degree of freedom that the children should have. They construct the
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parentshightechnologyandchildren3 - Feng 1 Fei Feng English...

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