~~ Chem 207 Lab - Report 4

~~ Chem 207 Lab - Report 4 - Results and Discussion Chem...

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Results and Discussion: Chem 207 lab 4 The identity of a nitrite salt of the general formula MNO 2 was determined (where M + is an unknown alkali metal cation). In order determine nitrite salt’s identity, it was first dissolved in water and then reacted with excess sulfamic acid, according to the following equation: MNO 2 (aq) + HSO 3 NH 2 (aq) → MHSO4 (aq) + H 2 O (l) + N 2 (g) In order to perform this experiment, the apparatus shown in Figure 4.1 had to be set up first. Once the apparatus was set up properly, air bubbles were removed from the system, and the tubing was pinched using a pinch clamp, a 10x75mm culture tube and unknown nitrite salt #3308 were obtained. The mass of the tube and sample was found as shown below in Table 1. Table 1: Finding the Mass of Nitrite Salt #3308 Mass of empty culture tube* (M i ) 3.501 g Mass of culture tube with sample #3308* (M f ) 4.636 g Mass of sample #3308 (M f -M i ) 4.636 g – 3.501 g = 1.135 g *Measurements found using a high precision balance 3 mL of distilled water was added to the culture tube to partially dissolve the nitrite salt. The culture tube was then carefully placed in the Erlenmeyer flask at an angle so nothing mixed. Water level in the Florence flask was noted to be halfway up the neck, as directed, and the
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~~ Chem 207 Lab - Report 4 - Results and Discussion Chem...

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